My Driftwood series symbolizes the West Coast and comments on the natural environment. Driftwood found on beaches is worn and dead, but these paintings are warm and alive, which speaks to revitalization, regrowth and rebirth. These works are based on photographs taken on Parksville and Rathtrevor Beaches. I wanted to use the grains and forms of weathered wood to create semi-abstract compositions. The organic shapes and contours are twisted, wrought by the elements. The small grey circles are an abstraction of pebbles on the beach or barnacles. The green lines are grass, symbolizing womanhood. One starts to see images, sometimes faces, within the contours.

Driftwood 3, 20 x 24, Sold

Landscape, 20 x 24, Sold

Driftwood 6, 24 x 30
Driftwood 7, 24 x 30

Driftwood 8, 24 x 30, VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation Collection

Driftwood 9, 24 x 30

Eye of the Storm, 30 x 24, used in media

Twisted, 20 x 30, published image

Weed, 20 x 30, Public collection

West Wind, 24 x 30

Fragments of my mind, 24 x 32
Light, 24 x 32
Nesting Place, 24 x 32, Public collection

Driftwood 1, 20 x 16

Driftwood 10, 18 x 24